Born and raised in Baltimore, I still live nearby, and maintain a nostalgic affinity for the Baltimore I remember growing up with in the 50's and 60's.  Much of the relics, artifacts and sometimes junk in the gameroom are representative of this.


Doin' what comes naturally....

My pinball collecting and restoring is limited solely to EM machines, mainly as a testament to those designers who embodied the required logic into hardwired relays, stepper mechanisms, and solenoids, especially bingo type machines. 
I've recently starting reparing and restoring radios from the 30's, 40's, and 50's as well.

Other  notable (or questionable) achievements are wirewrapping an Apple ][ computer from scratch; turning a Magic City backbox into a clock, and appearing on the TV show Baltimore Baffle and in the Baltimore Sun Magazine.

I dedicate this site in loving memory to my parents , Fritzie and Phil, who nurtured, challenged, inspired, and pretty much put up with me for over 60 years.

 In the hamshack

Arcade attendant, Molly Ann, who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Bringing an old radio back to life

Click on the picture to see Dr. Ira in action